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Sunday 16 February 2020 , 10H

Voix de la Jungle

Les Avaleurs d'étoiles
Door opening at 9H

Voix de la Jungle features African tales set in the heart of the jungle and on the savannah. There, the lion, the monkey, the parrot and various other inhabitants talk to each other, question each other, love each other, reject each other and try to devour each other… naturally! Each story is accompanied by a musical instrument: Drum, Balafon and Tamboa set the mood and help bring the stories to life. Take a fabulous journey through the jungle as its many voices reveal their secrets. Franck Sylvestre is a dynamic storyteller with a great sense of humour and the soul of a philosopher. His tales are told in mixed language and at his own pace, according to the Afro-Caribbean tradition.