Crossed Souls
Friday 8 April 2022 , 20H
Door opening at 19H

They say that only mountains don’t meet. This is a good thing, because unlike Switzerland, Mauritius is not known for its snow-capped peaks. Thankfully, the blues—that ultimate expression of heartbreak—have brought together the Swiss Thierry Jaccard and the Mauritian Yannick Nanette.

From their roots firmly planted in the 1920s, they have grown a most unusual musical tree nourished by modern and creole sounds alike. The resulting experience is a pensive and anonymous journey, with the blues stirring our soul and penetrating deep inside our bones. But the blues this duo brings us are much more than just melancholy—expect positive vibes as you watch these smiling musicians offer up their soulful sound. Three years after the release of “Sweet Dirty Blues,” The Two have came out with Crossed Souls, reaffirming their desire to weave connections with the music of the past.