Friday 18 February 2022 , 20H
Door opening at 19H

The winner of the 2019 SOCAN Foundation Indigenous Songwriter of the Year Award and nominated for ADISQ Indigenous Artist of the Year in 2020, Anachnid is a Montreal-based Oji-Cree multidisciplinary artist. Her spirit animal, the spider, has eight legs—and Anachnid embodies just as many complex personalities both on and off the stage, from venomous spirit and young woman in love to caring grandmother and several others…


Her debut album, Dreamweaver, released in February 2020, was nominated for a Polaris longlist and for ADISQ Anglophone Album of the Year. Her music is a sensual blend of electro-pop, trap, indie, soul and hip hop, with complex yet delicate sound textures evocative of her ancestral cultures. An essential new voice in the contemporary urban music landscape.

In partnership with Réseau Centre and Heritage Canada