2019-05-16T16:11:55-04:0021 February 1996|History|

In 1996, the Canadian series “My Hometown” was filmed at the Pavillon des arts et de la culture. It featured actor Jay Baruchel in one of his first television roles.


2019-05-16T16:09:54-04:0026 April 1995|History|

The church was renamed the Pavillon des Arts et de la Culture de Coaticook in 1995. The facility hosted its first performances in September of that year. The very first artist to take the stage was none other than Lynda Lemay.


2019-05-16T16:10:29-04:008 September 1993|History|

In 1993, the Town of Coaticook acquired the facility. Renovations completed during the winter of 1994 aimed to preserve the building’s heritage character. A portico was added on the south wall.


2019-05-16T16:10:58-04:0011 March 1923|History|

A fire in March 1923 completely destroyed the church. That summer, construction began on the site’s third Methodist church. It would later be named the Sisco Memorial Church.